At its best - Royal Belgian Caviar x Botaniets 0.0%

At its best - Royal Belgian Caviar x Botaniets 0.0%

We're delighted to announce a collaboration that's as rare as it is delicious: Royal Belgian Caviar x Botaniets 0.0% food pairing. 

As the first and only Belgian producer of caviar on the market, Royal Belgian Caviar is the pioneer of ‘the black gold’ quality.

Royal Belgian Caviar soon became a worldwide quality reference among caviar lovers. Top chefs appreciate the quality and class of our Belgian caviar. Royal Belgian Caviar turns every moment – the whole year through – into an exclusive indulgence for your taste buds.

"The food pairing of black gold with Botaniets is astonishing.  And doubly Belgian!  It enhances the taste of our quality caviar by surprising tasters with a non-alcoholic food pairing.  It's daring, and delicious!  We are delighted to present this preview to the gastronomic world for the festive season, and dry january 2024.  The association with Botaniets has been more than fruitful, both in terms of values and taste. " Raymond Tanghe

Mocktail suggestion :

G & TEA - pairing with Osietra caviar

Ingredients :
Botaniets Original 4cl
Genmaicha 5cl
Bacanha Bergamote 1,5cl
Citric blend 2cl
Garnish : Zallotti Blossom
Glass : coupette
APPLE BLOSSOM - pairing with Platinum caviar
Ingredients :
Botaniets Original 4cl
Granny smith 5cl
Bacanha Cucumber 1,5cl
Lemon juice 2cl
Garnish : Apple Blossom
Glass : tumbler

The composition is tasted by the best Belgian chefs, the taste masters, whose list can be consulted on the website of Royal Belgian Caviar.  


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