The Non-Alcoholic Revolution / La Révolution du Sans-Alcool

The Non-Alcoholic Revolution / La Révolution du Sans-Alcool

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“For the past two years, there has been a new social acceptance for those who choose not to drink alcohol”, says Alexandre Hauben, founder of Niets, a company specialising in alcohol-free products. Driven by a society increasingly focused on well-being and a healthy market for alcohol free wine and beer (+8% annual growth worldwide*), the choices for these beverages are much more interesting and varied. Forget sugary juices and soft drinks. People now drink 0% beer, de-alcoholised whiskies and wines, and concentrated fruit and plant infusions for mocktails as flavourful and complex as their alcoholic counterparts. This exploding market has gotten the attention of food and drinks lovers and are now served in the best restaurants.

* Source : IWSR Drinks Market Analysis


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