Our Mixologists at your service.

Our Mixologists at your service.

To create the best ever mocktails recipes in partnership with Mixologists around the globe.
To increase demand and develop the offer.
To promote the trend of alcohol-free with creative and educational strategy.

Basil Smash

Ingredients: 50ml Botaniets Original 0,0% 15ml Lemon Juice 15ml Sugar syrup 7-8 basil leaves Garnish: Basil leaf Glass: Rocks (Lowball) Technique: Shaken Method: Put 7-8 basil leaves in your shaker Add the syrup and lemon...

Gintoniets Original

Ingredients: 50ml Botaniets Original 0,0% 100ml Premium Indian Tonic Garnish : Rosemary sprig & juniper berries Glass : Wineglass Technique: Built on ice Method: Fill your wine glass with ice cube Pour 50ml of Botaniets...

Gin Collins (Tom Collins)

Ingredients: 60ml Botaniets Original 0,0% 20ml Lemon Juice 20ml Sugar Syrup Top with soda water Garnish : thym sprig & lemon peel Glass : Highball Technique: Built on ice Method: Fill your Highball glass with...


Ingredients: 40ml Botaniets Original 0,0% 30ml Non-alcoholic Vermouth 30ml Non-alcoholic bitter Garnish: Orange Peel Glass : Rocks (Lowball) Technique: Stirred Method: Fill your rocks glass with ice Add all the ingredient Stir it gently Add...

Gin Tonic Elderflower

Lemon juice, rosemary spring and elderflower tonic.


Fresh mint leaves, lemon and orange juice.


Pomegranate and lemon juice, liquid sugar.

Gin Sling

Orange juice and Angustora Bitter.

Strawberry Royal

Sliced strawberries, elderflower tonic.

Gin Fizz

Bitter orange tonic, lemon juice, raspberries.

Ostend Fizz

London classic tonic, cassis syrup, strawberries.

Beach Blow

Bitter orange tonic, sweet cream, strawberries.

Harvard Pine & Apple

Roasted Pineapple Soda, lime juice, apple juice.

Shady Grove

Apple juice, lemon juice, ginger beer.

Niets Fix

Ginger beer, red pepper, lime juice.