Sparkling Tea

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favourite meal, our sparkling tea is sure to delight your senses and elevate your taste experience.

Meet the founder Martynas

Martynas Žemavičius has a 20-year career in the fine wines and champagnes industry in London. He is a highly experienced sommelier with a Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma, a champagne judge at the Decanter World Wine Awards, and a finalist in the Champagne Academy program. 

Martynas is also a certified natural perfumer, with a professional diploma. His expectional skills and expertise he is using with his team to make gastronomical drinks that are enjoyed all around the world.

The production process spans over half a year

Gold medal winners! 

In the world`s largest non-alcoholic beverage competition White Wine Style sparkling tea received international recognition and earned a gold medal.

Among hundreds of various beverages from around the world, during blind tastings, the select committee awarded us the highest rating, which we proudly share with you!