Our employees perform over many different creative and crafts "métiers" to get our liquids on the market. They have their say with the master distillers on new product creations, and we give the voice back to the professionals by developing our products, with our starred chefs.


We have a dream.

This is a priceless heritage that Niets as alcohol-free specialist is committed to promoting and developing through the years. Our commitment to grow in selected markets is our driver as to preserve the essence and the quality of our products through special distillation and aging techniques.


Best in class is in everything we produce, leading the market as specialist of the alcohol free trend.

Distilled, not mixed.

The Cellar Masters supervises the entire production chain. You taste it in every single bottle! They select and check the quality of distilled ingredients, taste all flavours produced to decide how to use them, and blend them by rare distillation techniques to produce the best alcohol-free spirits in the world.