Organic syrup

Delivering unique tasting experience with less sweet than a traditional syrup and the most authentic and natural taste possible.

Natural flavours syrup

Ingredients : Sugar, water, flavouring, natural flavouring, acidifier: citric acid.

Bacanha syrups deliver the most authentic and natural taste possible. It starts with a base of the raw syrup - a certified organic pure cane sugar from South America.

Depending on the flavour, it is rather followed by an infusion or adding of fruit juices, natural extracts and even essential oils.

They are less sweet than a traditional syrup. Bacanha syrups are offering an unparalleled aromatic power dur to higher concentration of natural flavours and extracts.

Nutritional values for 100ml
Energy value 304kcal / 1298 kJ
Fat 0g
Which saturated fatty acids 0g
Carbohydrates / sugars 76.5g
Sodium 0g

La maison Bacanha

Founded in 2013, Bacanha is a label specializing in the creation and manufacture of quality organic syrups. Formed by a passionate and creative team, we have acquired a know-how to offer unique drinks that are developed in Paris and made in the Paris region.