The good spirit company is a premium and award-winning distillery created to inspire moments of sharing, celebration and well-being.

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Botaniets is a Belgian distilled gin with a reduced alcohol content of 0.0%. It is aimed at people who, by choice, for health reasons or to deviate from the norm, should not, cannot or do not want to drink alcohol. They may, however, have reason to enjoy a real cocktail, a drink that involves a 'sense of occasion', not just a simple fruit juice or sweet drink!

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Organic sparkling wine 0.0%

French Bloom

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Founded in 2013, Bacanha is a label specialized in the creation and manufacturing of quality organic syrups.

Formed by a passionate and creative team, they have acquired a know-how allowing them to offer unique drinks that are elaborated in Paris and manufactured in the Paris region.

They select ingredients such as pure organic cane sugar, fruit concentrates and natural flavors in order to offer real taste signatures.

Elevate your mocktails with our syrups

Organic Syrups Bacanha

Distilled not mixed

Triple distillation, 100% natural ingredients and know-how result in high quality products

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