Havaniets traditional 0.0% rum

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Havaniets is a traditional small-batch rum, distilled from sugar cane molasses and first-ever in the world aged for 5 months in medium charred oak barrels, and totally alcohol-free!

Already since its launch, Havaniets has won a silver medal at the prestigious European Spirits Challenge 2022.

Handcrafted using vanilla pods from Madagascar, cloves from Maluku, and nutmeg from the Banda Islands, Havaniets is sweet and oaky on the palate with hints of vanilla and coffee.

Enjoy the ultimate alcohol-free rum in your favorite cocktails.

Nutritional values for 100ml : Energy value: 23kJ / 6kcal | Fat: 0g of which saturated fatty acids: 0g | Carbohydrates: total/sugars /3g | Sodium 0g | Bottle of 50cl with 0.0% of alcohol.

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